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What Is InviteToChurch?

The Church Inviter App is an easy to use tool to invite people to your church, featuring deep Social Network integration and a host of features for church members and pastors alike. In addition to being a dead-simple tool for church members to use to invite their friends, family, and neighbors to church, it also provides pastor’s with insight and metrics into the invitations their members are sending.


What InviteToChurch Does: 

Our goal is to help the church plant with 20 people or the mega church with thousands.  400 invites per month to your church can easily be accomplished using our system ( InviteToChurch ) with only 10 people and 3 minutes per week each. Now that is a ministry you should be able to get filled easily!

Imagine a youth group of 100 people inviting 3500 people to church in 3 mins or less. Possibilities are endless with larger congregations.


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We only have a few spots left for testing, otherwise you will have to wait for the official launch in a couple months.

We want to be completely transparent. The system will cost $97/mo when completed and will include our prayer app, praise app, church inviter, church metrics, encourage your pastor app, pastor dashboard, user dashboards, and integration with popular programs such as fellowship one and ministry give.

We will be asking our Beta Users to provide a LOT of feedback as well as testimonies after using our service. As as “Thank You” for testing our system, you will receive 2 months free once we officially launch. In the meantime, your church can use it absolutely free until we officially go live.

Only 50 More Applicants Will Be Accepted!